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Enclosure temperature control system

Publication number: US10575474B1

Application number: US16/011,419

An enclosure temperature control system utilizes a renewable power source and a thermal sink to reduce the overall power requirements from a power grid. A renewable power source, such as a solar panel may provide power that drives the components required to maintain the greenhouse temperature within upper and lower limits, including a HVAC system and/or a heat transfer system coupled with a thermal sink. The thermal sink includes a phase change material that releases heat when it solidifies and this heat can be used to heat the greenhouse. Likewise, the phase change material absorbs heat during the day to reduce the temperature within the greenhouse. A heat transfer system may be coupled with the phase change material and a solid conductor component within the tank of a phase change material may increase thermal transfer rate.

Self-rightening post system

Publication number: US10568449B1

Application number: US16/540,371

A self-rightening post system is configured to secure a post in a casing in a desired or vertical orientation and to self-righten the post upon the removal of a deflecting force, such as from a car or lawnmower. A self-rightening post system utilizes a plurality of adjustable retainer assemblies that are configured between the post and the inside surface of the casing to produce a self-rightening force upon deflection of the post. The plurality of adjustable retainer assemblies may be configured around the post and/or on opposing sides of the post to ensure that the post will self-righten regardless of the direction of a deflecting force. The casing may be a tube and the self-rightening post system may allow the post to rotate within the casing thereby allowing a user to change a desired rotational orientation.

Smartphone case having reconfigurable input control features for controlling smartphone apps

Publication number: US10560558B1

Application number: US16/237,675

A smartphone case for holding and protecting a smartphone, while also having various features for controlling an app, such as a video game running on the smartphone. The smartphone case includes a case body having a case back, and a case side wall that extends circumferentially around the case back, including four corners. The case side wall also extends above and below a smartphone held by the case, thereby forming a front rim and a back rim. The case side wall also includes corner connectors configured to connect with a swappable input control module. The case back also includes dedicated controls, and at least one recess for storing a swappable control module while not in use. A long side of the case side wall includes a left bumper and a right bumper. An app provides a GUI for assigning the dedicated and swappable controls for an app to be controlled.

Cooling bed system

Publication number: US10548764B2

Application number: US15/683,754

A cooling bed system is configured to provide a cooling airflow around a patient suffering from heat exhaustion, heat stroke and or burns. A cooling bed system produces an airflow over a patient and preferably an airflow from both above and below the patient to more effectively and quickly cool the patient. A cooling bed system may also include a liquid dispenser that creates mist that is carried by the airflow to further cool the patient. A patient may be supported by a platform having a plurality of openings to allow airflow and mist to pass therethrough. A controller controls the airflow rate and/or temperature of the air, and may also control the liquid dispensing rate and/or temperature of the liquid as a function of an input from a temperature sensor to effectively and safely cool the patient.

Arithmetic educational tool

Publication number: US10546513B1

Application number: US15/984,325

The arithmetic educational tool utilizes a container having a main chamber and two extended chambers from the main chamber to visually demonstrate addition and subtraction. Objects placed with the container will move from the main chamber into the extended chambers when the container is tilted and thereby break the number objects in the main chamber into parts. The container is bifurcated, having the two extended chambers branching off of from the main chamber and thereby causes a random splitting of the number of objects into each of the extended chamber. Conversely, objects placed in each of the extended chambers can be added when the chamber is tilted to cause the object to move from the extended chambers into the main chamber. One or more of the chambers may have an obscuring feature, such as a color or slidably cover, that enables obscuring the number of objects therein.

Controlled environment shipment container and tracking method

Publication number: US10546266B1

Application number: US15/389,446

A shipment container for perishable food items enables a receiver of the shipment container to track the temperature of the perishable food items during shipment and in some cases, the time and day of harvest and/or of shipment. The receive may use a remote electronic device, such as a mobile telephone, to track the shipment. The shipment container has phase change material that is used to control the temperature of the perishable food item during transient to the receiver. A phase change material is configured at least partially around a product compartment for receiving the perishable food item. The phase change material or modular temperature control compartment may be selected based on the type of perishable food item or based on the temperature of harvest. The shipment container may be locked and require input of an identification code to unlock the container upon delivery.

Convertible tool case to a stepstool

Publication number: US10542822B2

Application number: US16/299,053

A position adjustable support assembly is convertible from a tool case, to a step stool. A segmented position adjustable support assembly has a center assembly and a left and right assembly. The left and right assemblies are rotatable about the center assembly and the vertical supports of the center, left and right assemblies can be retained in base and top-receivers of a tool case. Retainers may secure the segmented assembly to the base and top. The top may convert to a top-step and the base may be utilized as a bottom step of a stepstool. A pair of legs may extend from the re-positioned top cover and these legs may be retained by a top-step retainer assembly that may be coupled to the base; thereby providing stability for the stepstool.

Bird feeder with image capturing

Publication number: US10531643B1

Application number: US16/270,187

A bird feeder has a perch that is configured to enable a bird of a particular size to perch thereon and feed from the bottom of an enclosure. The offset distance between the perch and the bottom of the feeder enables birds of only a particular size to effectively pull seed from the access ports in the bottom of the enclosure. A camera is located to take images, still or moving, of birds as the feed from the feeder and theses images may be wirelessly transmitted to a remote electronic device, such as a cell phone. A motion detector may detect when a bird lands on the perch and the control system may then initiate the capture of images by the camera. The offset distance between the perch and the bottom of the feeder may be adjusted to enable birds of a desired size to feed from the feeder.

Amnion derived therapeutic composition and process of making same

Publication number: US10517903B2

Application number: US15/542,444

Acellular amnion derived therapeutic compositions are described having a number of various compositional embodiments. An acellular amnion derived therapeutic composition has essentially no live or active amniotic cells. The amniotic cells may be destroyed and the cells and cell debris may be removed from the acellular amnion derived therapeutic composition. An acellular amnion derived therapeutic composition may comprise micronized placental tissue particles, and/or amniotic fluid. An acellular amnion derived therapeutic composition may be a dispersion of micronized amniotic membrane combined with a fluid, such as plasma, saline, amniotic fluid, combinations thereof and the like. An acellular amnion derived therapeutic composition may be combined with a matrix component to form a composite. An acellular amnion derived therapeutic composition may be used in conjunction with a composition comprising viable cells, such as stem cells.

Stretch machine with adjustment features

Publication number: US10517787B1

Application number: US15/832,474

A stretch machine has a seat assembly that is coupled to a seat rail and is adjustable along the seat rail to accommodate people of different sizes. The seat assembly has a knee and a back cushion and can pivot with respect to the seat rail to perform stretching exercises. A person may sit on the back support and extend one or more limbs to the handlebar assembly and then rotate the seat assembly to stretch. A front support extends up to a handlebar assembly that has a front and a back handlebar. A standing stretch board is attached to the front support and can be adjusted along the front support to change the incline angle of the standing stretch board.