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Frozen therapeutic dose and package

Publication number: US10363278B2

Application number: US15/381,044

A frozen therapeutic dose includes an amniotic material and is configured into a pack for easy administering of the dose to a treatment location. A frozen therapeutic dose may contain a concentration of live amniotic stem cells. A frozen therapeutic dose may be provided in a form, such as a multi-pack form, to enable a person to administer a dose to a treatment location without the need of traveling to a doctor’s office or clinic. A frozen therapeutic dose package may be kept in a conventional freezer at ?20° C. for example, for extended periods of time and a person may remove the package as needed for treatment. A frozen dose package or pack may contain a secondary material configured to mix with the frozen therapeutic dose. A secondary material may be configured within a single dose compartment with the frozen dose or within a separate compartment.

Golf cart battery system

Publication number: US10358043B2

Application number: US15/702,670

An automatic rechargeable battery control module for a vehicle, such as a golf cart incorporates an automatic battery control system that automatically switches from charge to discharge modes with a single relay, thereby preventing the need to manually reset a relay switch due to an over or under voltage situation. An automatic battery control circuit is coupled with a battery management system and a relay contactor is opened and closed by a signal from the battery management system. The battery management system monitors a state of charge of the battery unit as well as current flow to and from a battery unit. The automatic rechargeable battery control module may have a state of charge output that is connected with a state of charge indicator to inform a driver of an approximate driving range or time remaining.

Automatic inflatable structure deflation system

Publication number: US10357723B1

Application number: US15/933,369

An automatic inflatable structure deflation system has a cover panel that is detachable attached over a deflation opening in the wall of the inflatable structure. The cover panel is pull away from the inflatable structure by a deflation line extending from the cover panel to a tie-down element in the event that the inflatable structure is displaced. The deflation opening is relatively large to enable quick deflation of the inflatable structure. A deflation opening may have a deflation opening area ratio, or area of the opening to the volume of air within the inflatable structure of 0.01 cm2/cc or more. A deflation opening may have a length of 25 cm or more. The cover panel is sealed to the inflatable structure by a seal feature such as a hook-and-loop fastener and/or a press-seal feature.

Apparatus for covering and protecting an edible item

Publication number: US10357121B2

Application number: US16/132,419

An apparatus for covering and protecting an edible item that allows a flexible covering to cover and protect the edible item without damaging or altering a feature on the edible item. The edible item has a top surface with an outer edge. The apparatus provides a plurality of vertical supports, each having a first portion and a second portion. The second portion of each vertical support is inserted the top surface of the edible item adjacent to the outer edge. The first portion of each vertical support at least partially extends beyond the outer edge of the edible item, and the flexible covering can be supported by the plurality of vertical supports.

Portable microorganism sanitation system

Publication number: US10328174B2

Application number: US16/119,023

A portable microorganism sanitation system produces UV light and air treatment for treating an enclosed space, such as a room. A portable microorganism sanitation system incorporates a plurality of UV light sources configured around a lamp tower having reflective surfaces to produce emitted UV and reflected UV light in a wide range of angles. This wide range of angles of the emitted and reflected UV light enables more complete and direct impingement of UV light on surfaces in the enclosure or room. The portable microorganism sanitation system also incorporates active air treatment, wherein an air moving device draws airflow into a conduit inside of the lamp tower and then through airflow outlets. The airflow outlets are configured to expose the outlet airflow to the UV light sources, thereby treating the airflow to destroy microorganism therein. Photocatalyst may be configured on the surfaces of the lamp tower to promote microorganism destruction.

Binocular adaptor assembly

Publication number: US10310249B1

Application number: US16/240,728

A binocular adaptor system enables quick and secure attachment of binoculars to a stand, such as a tripod stand. The binocular adaptor assembly utilizes an adaptor body that has a stand end for coupling with a stand and a clamp end for receiving a clamp. The clamp is configured to extend into a clamp aperture in the adaptor body and has a clamp pin aperture to receive a lock pin. A spring is configured between an insert end of the clamp and the adaptor body to provide a force against the insert end of the clamp. When a lock pin in inserted into the clamp aperture, the spring engages a lock stop of the clamp with an insert lock portion of the lock pin to secure the lock pin in place. A lock sleeve can then be tightened to prevent pressing of the button.

Omnidirectional building integrated wind energy power enhancer system

Publication number: US10280900B1

Application number: US15/249,467

An omnidirectional building integrated wind energy power enhancer system is configured to produce electrical power from a wind turbine(s) concealed within and/or on top of a building by means of a flow of pressurized air from the prevailing wind that enters and flows through a portion of a building. A building may provide large exterior surface areas for receiving and directing airflow to the turbine(s). At least a portion of the wind energy power enhancer system is configured within a building, such as between floors, on a single floor, and/or a roof structure. The wind turbine(s) may be configured to receive airflow directly from an inflow chamber that is configured with a building, or from a flow tube coupled with the inflow chamber. Air deflectors may be fixed or dynamic to direct air flow into a flow tube regardless of the direction of the incoming airflow relative to the building.

Competitive game with spinning game wheel and playing pieces

Publication number: US10286294B1

Application number: US15/262,839

A competitive table game includes a rapidly spinning game wheel, an annular collection area, a base, and a plurality of rollable playing pieces. The game wheel is rotatably connected onto the base while the annular collection area is concentrically positioned around the game wheel. During each game, the players roll the plurality of rollable playing pieces on a smooth top surface of the game wheel as the plurality of rollable playing pieces is tangentially positioned on the smooth top surface and released attempting to match the linear velocity at the respective position on the game wheel. Then the plurality of rollable playing pieces moves across the smooth top surface and drops into the annular collection area, where the winner of each game is determined according to the game rules of each different game and the positioning of the plurality of rollable playing pieces. Other embodiments are described and shown.

Reversible Pinata Mount

Publication number: US10288219B1

Application number: US15/904,389

A piñata mount assembly has a plurality of versatile attachment orientations for attachment to either a discrete vertical member, such as a tree trunk, pole or post, or over the top of a wall. The piñata mount assembly has a reversible wall support that can be coupled to the main bracket in opposing orientations. The reversible wall support has different mount surfaces for mounting to different types surfaces. The piñata mount assembly has a vertical portion coupled with the reversible wall support. The vertical portion is coupled with a horizontal portion that has threads for engagement with threads of a knob for moving the horizontal portion. A claw on the horizontal portion may be used to mount the piñata mount assembly over the top of a wall. The reversible wall support may be flipped around for mounting to a discrete vertical member, such as a tree trunk.

Fly fishing lure having a trailing feather portion

Publication number: US10292376B1

Application number: US16/112,411

A fishing lure utilizes a substantial portion of a game bird neck feather, such as a pheasant neck feather. A substantial portion of the feather, such as at least 75% of the entire length of the feather, is coupled to the lure, including a portion of the quill. A fishing lure may have one or more trailing feathers, or feathers that extend from the back of the hook, and may have one or more leading feathers, or feathers that extend forward from the hook. A trailing feather length, or length of feather from the hook turn may be at least 50% of the hook length and a leading feather length, may be at least 50% of the hook length. The feathers may be configured with their convex sides facing each other to produce a flared orientation wherein the feathers flare out and away from each other as they extend from the hook.