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Publication number: us10232696

Application number: US15/917,588

An automatic sunshade system mounted to a cabin-top of a vehicle automatically deploys from a stored and retracted orientation to a deployed orientation. The canopy is coupled to a plurality of support members that are wound about a hub and have stored energy when in retracted orientation. The support members unwind from the hub automatically and spread the canopy out over the vehicle. The support members may comprise a plurality of elongated portions that are coupled together by an elastic tether. The canopy may be retracted manual with a crank or by a motor that winds the support members around the hub.


Publication number: us10219633

Application number: US15/728,866

The personal flotation device is adapted for use with a person and a pet. The personal floatation device is configured for use with water. The personal flotation device provides buoyancy during water based activities. The personal flotation device is a multipurpose device that: 1) forms a seat; 2) forms a raft; and, 3) forms a plurality of flotation devices. The plurality of flotation devices are suitable for use by the person and the pet. The personal flotation device comprises a pet pad, a float, an insulated storage case, a dry storage container, and a plurality of straps. The plurality of flotation devices comprises the pet pad and the float. The plurality of straps interconnect the pet pad, the float, the insulated storage case, and the dry storage container to form the seat and the raft portions of the personal flotation device.

Convertible tool case to a support assembly

Publication number: US10226862B2

Application number: US15/887,416

A position adjustable support assembly is convertible to and from a tool case, to allow transport with a plurality of articles attached thereto. A segmented position adjustable support assembly has a center assembly and a left and right assembly. The left and right assemblies are rotatable about the center assembly and the vertical supports of the center, left and right assemblies can be retained in base and top-receivers of a tool case. Retainers may secure the segmented assembly to the base and top. This allows a user to mount the segmented assembly in a first work location, and then convert the segmented assembly to a tool case for transport to a second work location.

Electrochemical compressor utilizing a preheater

Publication number: US10228161

Application number: US15/173,854

An electrochemical compression system utilizes a preheater to heat an electrochemically active working fluid to a superheated temperature delta prior compression. Heating the electrochemically active working fluid to a superheated temperature ensures there will be no condensation before the fluid reaches the condenser and therefore increases efficiency and effectiveness of the system. A preheater may be configured in a chamber upstream of the electrochemical compressor and one or more valves may control the delivery of the superheated fluid to the compressor. A preheater may be configured in an enclosure, having a valve at the inlet and outlet and retain the electrochemically active fluid at a superheated temperature. A preheater may be configured within or attached to a gas diffusion media, flow-filed or current collector and may be in direct communication with the fluid.

Bird feeder with image capturing

Publication number: US10212921B1

Application number: US15/405,472

A bird feeder has a perch that is configured to enable a bird of a particular size to perch thereon and feed from the bottom of an enclosure. The offset distance between the perch and the bottom of the feeder enables birds of only a particular size to effectively pull seed from the access ports in the bottom of the enclosure. A camera is located to take images, still or moving, of birds as the feed from the feeder and theses images may be wirelessly transmitted to a remote electronic device, such as a cell phone. A motion detector may detect when a bird lands on the perch and the control system may then initiate the capture of images by the camera. The offset distance between the perch and the bottom of the feeder may be adjusted to enable birds of a desired size to feed from the feeder.

Lobby dustpan

Publication number: US10201262B1

Application number: 15/704,307

A lobby dustpan is self-standing, self-closing and comprises a lid-handle coupling feature for receiving a broom head for retaining the broom head in the bucket of the lobby dustpan. The lid of the lobby dustpan substantially covers the opening of the bucket when in a closed position. A lobby dustpan is self-standing, wherein the center of gravity is between the outer contact points of the base. In addition, when the lobby dustpan is standing in an upright position on a horizontal surface, the center of gravity of the handle keeps the lid in a closed position. Furthermore, the center of gravity of the bucket is offset from the pivot assembly which causes the bucket to close when the lobby dustpan is lifted up from an open position. The specific geometry of the lobby dustpan enables a combination of features that heretofore are not available with existing lobby dustpans.

System and method of water purification utilizing an ionomer membrane

Publication number: US10202292B2

Application number: 15/299,110

A water purification system utilizes an ionomer membrane and mild vacuum to draw water from source water through the membrane. A water source may be salt water or a contaminated water source. The water drawn through the membrane passes across the condenser chamber to a condenser surface where it is condensed into purified water. The condenser surface may be metal or any other suitable surface and may be flat or pleated. In addition, the condenser surface may be maintained at a lower temperature than the water on the water source side of the membrane. The ionomer membrane may be configured in a cartridge, a pleated or flat plate configuration. A latent heat loop may be configured to carry the latent heat of vaporization from the condenser back to the water source side of the ionomer membrane. The source water may be heated by a solar water heater.

Neuromuscular plasticity apparatus and method using same

Publication number: US10195097B1

Application number: 15/624,618

A portable motion control apparatus drives a user’s extremity emulating the user’s tremor. The driving motion entrains the tremor motion and stretches muscles evoking stretch reflexes in agonist and antagonist muscles used to maintain muscle tone. The motion applies a heightened and coordinated demand on the neuromuscular components of multiple stretch reflex circuits thereby effectuating neuromuscular plasticity; the retention of neuromuscular changes made to meet the heightened demands. Muscle tone is improved and tremor is suppressed for a protracted period.

Wind turbine system

Publication number: US10184446B1

Application number: 15/987,806

A wind turbine system utilizes an air deflector configured inside of an air scoop extending along a circular track around the air deflector to capture the prevailing wind and direct it up through an air rotor. The air rotor is configured with a plurality of fins in the air rotor channel and the flow of air past the fins spins the air rotor. A rotor of an electrical generator is coupled with the air rotor and spins with respect to a stator, fixed to the wind turbine frame, to produce electricity. The air scoop rotates about the wind turbine as a function of the prevailing wind and may be controlled by a controller that is coupled with one or more of the wheels of the air scoop. A plurality of baffles may be configured under the fins to direct the air and over the fins.

Fly fishing lure having a trailing feather portion

Publication number: US10039271B1

Application number: 15/719,558

A fishing lure utilizes a substantial portion of a feather, such as a pheasant neck feather. A substantial portion of the feather, such as at least 75% of the entire length of the feather, is coupled to the lure, including a portion of the quill. A fishing lure may have one or more trailing feathers, or feathers that extend from the back of the hook, and may have one or more leading feathers, or feathers that extend forward from the hook. A trailing feather length, or length of feather from the hook turn may be at least 50% of the hook length and a leading feather length, may be at least 50% of the hook length. The feathers may be configured with their convex sides facing each other to produce a flared orientation wherein the feathers flare out and away from each other as they extend from the hook.