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Publication number: 8,931,855

Application number: 14/089,735

A formable handle toothbrush has a handle portion that allows a user to heat and form the handle to the shape of their hand to provide for more secure grip of the toothbrush. In one embodiment, a hand formable toothbrush has a toothbrush head attached to a shank that can be inserted into a socket within the toothbrush handle. This configuration allows for the use of replacement toothbrush heads. This makes manufacturing of higher cost handles more economical, as the formable handle portions would not be thrown out when the toothbrush head needs replacement. To customize the formable handle portion, a user may simply place the toothbrush, or handle portion of the toothbrush, in boiling water for a period of time and then remove the toothbrush handle, allow it to cool to a safe temperature and then grasp the handle to form it into the shape of their hand.