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Multi-purpose dental instrument

Publication number: US10206564B2

Application number: US15/984,530

A dental instrument system has an optical component with a mirror for the dental practitioner to view a patient’s mouth. A light source and an airflow source have a plurality of output levels that are controlled by a user input on the handle, such a single button. The output levels of the light and airflow are controlled by a single or double click, wherein a single click increases the output level of the airflow a double click increases the output level of the light, for example. The light source illuminates the mirror and the airflow source produces airflow over the mirror to remove debris and bodily fluid. A clearing flow of air may be initiated by holding the single button down on the handle and release of the button may return the airflow to the previous level.

Angle adjustable crutch handle

Publication number: US10391017B2

Application number: US15/904,716

A crutch handle is positionably adjustable to crutch at an offset angle to provide an ergonomic position of a user’s hand. The crutch handle has a curved adjustment adapter on both a first and second end of a handle-grip portion of the crutch handle. A fastener slot extends through the first and second adjustment adapters to allow a fastener to extend though and secure the handle to the crutch at an offset angle. The handle-grip has a fastener opening on at least one of the first or second ends to allow the fastener to be positioned along the handle-grip portion of the handle. A conventional crutch may be adapted with this angle adjustable crutch handle with the fasteners being in apertures that are aligned across the crutch support.

Heat pumps utilizing ionic liquid desiccant

Publication number: US10386084B2

Application number: US15/475,124

An icon liquid desiccant system utilizes an ionic liquid desiccant to draw moisture from a working fluid, such as air that flow into an enclosure, such as a home. The desiccant may be mixed with the working fluid or a separator that allows moisture transport therethrough may be configured between the ionic liquid desiccant and the working fluid. The ionic liquid desiccant system may be part of an air conditioning system and may remove the moisture from air that is cooled by flowing over an evaporator of heat exchanger coupled with the evaporator.the ionic liquid desiccant may be pumped from a desiccant chamber to a regenerator chamber to remove absorbed moisture. a dual-purpose chamber may act as a desiccant chamber and as a regenerator chamber. a refrigeration system may be have an electrochemical compressor and may utilize metal hydride heat exchangers.

Integral battery temperature control system

Publication number: US10367239B1

Application number: US15/619,357

An integral battery temperature control system monitors and heats a battery to enable operation in cold environments and utilizes a heating device coupled to one of the terminals of the battery to heat the terminal and thereby heat the electrode coupled thereto. The heated electrode is within the battery housing and internally heats the battery. A temperature sensor measures the temperature of the opposing terminal and a controller will terminate heating when the measured temperature of the opposing terminal rises above an upper threshold temperature value. The heating device be coupled with or be part of a discharge circuit, wherein electrical current from the battery is used to heat the battery. A discharge circuit is part of a battery unit monitoring module that balances the voltage of a plurality of battery units. The heating device may include a resistor or a transistor of the discharge circuit.

Low friction rehabilitation board with an integral band retaining feature and methods of rehabilitation

Publication number: US10363450B2

Application number: US16/025,950

A low friction rehabilitation board having an integral band retaining feature is described. The rehabilitation board may have a coefficient of static friction of no more than about 0.5 and in some embodiments no more than about 0.06. The rehabilitation board has a plurality of band retaining feature configured along one or both ends and may be an integral band retaining features being formed in the board. Additionally, the rehabilitation may include one or more band retaining features on one or both sides of the board. The unique configuration of the band retaining features enables rehabilitation method heretofore not possible with a single board. Resistance bands may be retained in the band retaining features and coupled to a user’s limb, such as a foot or ankle, to resist motion, such as sliding or extending the foot along the low friction surface of the rehabilitation board.

Frozen therapeutic dose and package

Publication number: US10363278B2

Application number: US15/381,044

A frozen therapeutic dose includes an amniotic material and is configured into a pack for easy administering of the dose to a treatment location. A frozen therapeutic dose may contain a concentration of live amniotic stem cells. A frozen therapeutic dose may be provided in a form, such as a multi-pack form, to enable a person to administer a dose to a treatment location without the need of traveling to a doctor’s office or clinic. A frozen therapeutic dose package may be kept in a conventional freezer at ?20° C. for example, for extended periods of time and a person may remove the package as needed for treatment. A frozen dose package or pack may contain a secondary material configured to mix with the frozen therapeutic dose. A secondary material may be configured within a single dose compartment with the frozen dose or within a separate compartment.

Golf cart battery system

Publication number: US10358043B2

Application number: US15/702,670

An automatic rechargeable battery control module for a vehicle, such as a golf cart incorporates an automatic battery control system that automatically switches from charge to discharge modes with a single relay, thereby preventing the need to manually reset a relay switch due to an over or under voltage situation. An automatic battery control circuit is coupled with a battery management system and a relay contactor is opened and closed by a signal from the battery management system. The battery management system monitors a state of charge of the battery unit as well as current flow to and from a battery unit. The automatic rechargeable battery control module may have a state of charge output that is connected with a state of charge indicator to inform a driver of an approximate driving range or time remaining.

Automatic inflatable structure deflation system

Publication number: US10357723B1

Application number: US15/933,369

An automatic inflatable structure deflation system has a cover panel that is detachable attached over a deflation opening in the wall of the inflatable structure. The cover panel is pull away from the inflatable structure by a deflation line extending from the cover panel to a tie-down element in the event that the inflatable structure is displaced. The deflation opening is relatively large to enable quick deflation of the inflatable structure. A deflation opening may have a deflation opening area ratio, or area of the opening to the volume of air within the inflatable structure of 0.01 cm2/cc or more. A deflation opening may have a length of 25 cm or more. The cover panel is sealed to the inflatable structure by a seal feature such as a hook-and-loop fastener and/or a press-seal feature.

Apparatus for covering and protecting an edible item

Publication number: US10357121B2

Application number: US16/132,419

An apparatus for covering and protecting an edible item that allows a flexible covering to cover and protect the edible item without damaging or altering a feature on the edible item. The edible item has a top surface with an outer edge. The apparatus provides a plurality of vertical supports, each having a first portion and a second portion. The second portion of each vertical support is inserted the top surface of the edible item adjacent to the outer edge. The first portion of each vertical support at least partially extends beyond the outer edge of the edible item, and the flexible covering can be supported by the plurality of vertical supports.

Portable microorganism sanitation system

Publication number: US10328174B2

Application number: US16/119,023

A portable microorganism sanitation system produces UV light and air treatment for treating an enclosed space, such as a room. A portable microorganism sanitation system incorporates a plurality of UV light sources configured around a lamp tower having reflective surfaces to produce emitted UV and reflected UV light in a wide range of angles. This wide range of angles of the emitted and reflected UV light enables more complete and direct impingement of UV light on surfaces in the enclosure or room. The portable microorganism sanitation system also incorporates active air treatment, wherein an air moving device draws airflow into a conduit inside of the lamp tower and then through airflow outlets. The airflow outlets are configured to expose the outlet airflow to the UV light sources, thereby treating the airflow to destroy microorganism therein. Photocatalyst may be configured on the surfaces of the lamp tower to promote microorganism destruction.