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Amnion derived therapeutic compositions and methods of use

Publication number: US10894066B2

Application number: US15/257,870

Therapeutic compositions are described for the treatment of a variety of conditions including heart, eye, lungs, organs, joints, dermal, nerve, and the like. A therapeutic composition may be a fluid comprising amniotic fluid or micronized amniotic particles. A therapeutic composite may be a dispersion of micronized amniotic membrane combined with a fluid, such as plasma, saline, amniotic fluid, combinations thereof and the like. In another embodiment, the therapeutic composite is a mixture of micronized amniotic membrane particles combined with an amniotic rich stem cell fluid. An amniotic rich or concentrated stem cell fluid comprises at least 0.5×10amniotic stem cells per milliliter of fluid or composition. A therapeutic composite may be used to treat any number of conditions through topical application, surgical introduction, and/or injection.

Cut resistant and highly translucent tote

Publication number: US10893734B1

Application number: US16/027,134

A cut resistant and highly translucent tote utilizes a multilayer knitted metal fabric having a knitted metal outside layer and a knitted metal inside layer. These two knitted layers may be independent in a portion of the tote, such as in a clear-view portion of the tote, configured to allow clear visibility of items retained in the tote. The independent layers of knitted fabric are highly cut resistant, as they can flex in multiple direction and also move and slide with respect to each other. The tote may have a gusseted base with a base-side sleeve extending at the intersection of the base and sides to allow the tote to be free standing. An opening in the top of the tote may have a closure feature, such as hook-and-loop fastener material.

Wiping solution band dispenser

Publication number: US10875039B1

Application number: US16/711,701

A wiping solution dispenser utilizes a motorized dispenser mechanism that moves a nozzle back and forth along a stroke to dispense a wide band of wiping solution onto toilet tissue. A motor may be coupled with a nozzle that moves back and forth or rotates about a pivot point to dispense a band of wiping solution. Wiping solution may be within a solution container that is configured for insertion into the dispenser housing and may be automatically ruptured by a puncture feature. A pump may force the wiping solution from the nozzle, or the solution may be gravity fed. A motion detector may be incorporated to control the actuation and dispensing of the solution. A near field communication transceiver may be used to receive payment before solution is dispensed.

Environment control system utilizing an electrochemical cell

Publication number: US10890344B2

Application number: US15/800,398

An environment control system utilizes oxygen and humidity control devices that are coupled with an enclosure to independently control the oxygen concentration and the humidity level within the enclosure. An oxygen depletion device may be an oxygen depletion electrolyzer cell that reacts with oxygen within the cell and produces water through electrochemical reactions. A desiccating device may be g, a dehumidification electrolyzer cell, a desiccator, a membrane desiccator or a condenser. A controller may control the amount of voltage and/or current provided to the oxygen depletion electrolyzer cell and therefore the rate of oxygen reduction and may control the amount of voltage and/or current provided to the dehumidification electrolyzer cell and therefore the rate of humidity reduction. The oxygen level may be determined by the measurement of voltage and a limiting current of the oxygen depletion electrolyzer cell. The enclosure may be a food or artifact enclosure.

Fish bite indicator

Publication number: US10874094B1

Application number: US16/809,776

A fish bite indicator utilizes a line retainer coupled to a pivot arm and configured to rotate to bring a pair of electrical contacts into contact with a circuit contact to complete a circuit and activate an indicator light and/or indicator speaker. An indicator speaker may produce a factory set alert sound or a recorded alert sound that a user records to distinguish one fishing pole from another. A user may insert the fishing line a desired amount down into the line wedge seam and the depth of insertion may change when the line is released upon the pivoting of the pivot arm. The fish bite indicator may have a drag knob to change how much line tension is required to move the pivot arm and may have a sensitivity knob that adjusts how far the pivot arm has to rotate before the indicator is activated.

Smartphone case having reconfigurable input control features for controlling smartphone apps

Publication number: US10848604B2

Application number: US16/721,566

A smartphone case for holding and protecting a smartphone, while also having various features for controlling an app, such as a video game running on the smartphone. The smartphone case includes a case body having a case back, and a case side wall that extends circumferentially around the case back, including four corners. The case side wall also extends above and below a smartphone held by the case, thereby forming a front rim and a back rim. The case side wall also includes corner connectors configured to connect with a swappable input control module. The case back also includes dedicated controls, and at least one recess for storing a swappable control module while not in use. A long side of the case side wall includes a left bumper and a right bumper. An app provides a GUI for assigning the dedicated and swappable controls for an app to be controlled.

Battery management system for battery banks with a small number of cells

Publication number: US10847835B2

Application number: US15/841,288

A battery management system monitors and controls the state of charge of a plurality of battery cells with a single data transceiver line. A sense board coupled to each cell monitors the battery cell voltage and temperature and reports the cell voltage in series, according to the location in series. A data request signal is sent by the control device of the battery management system through the single data transceiver line to initiate battery cell data transmission. The first battery cell in the series sends the first battery data upon receiving the data request signal and each subsequent battery cell in the series sends their respective battery data after a predetermined delay time set by two quaternary bits formed by a pair of voltage dividers. The state of charge may be displayed in real time on a graphical or numerical display.

Load sharing bone plate

Publication number: US10842543B2

Application number: US15/807,585

A load sharing bone plate has a plurality of directional apertures configured to effectively support and share the load with a fractured bone to promote healing. A load sharing bone plate may have a body portion that is thinner and be configured to be secured with smaller fasteners than conventional bone plates. A load sharing bone plate has a plurality of directional apertures, configured to direct a fastener is a specific orientation, such as in an oblique angle to the length and/or in an oblique angle to the width of the bone plate. A load sharing bone plate may be configured with a load sharing extension on at least one end that is configured to reduce stress concentration at the end of the bone plate. A load sharing extension may have a tapered thickness and/or width from the body portion to the extended end.

Marker band locator system

Publication number: US11027931B1

Application number: US17/054,796

A marker band locator system locates a marker band, from a plurality of marker bands in a hopper, into a band receiver for further processing. A hopper is configured to loosely hold a plurality of marker bands and a band receiver, configured in an indexer, is configured under the hopper such that marker bands gravity feed down to the band receiver. A vacuum source produces a vacuum on the band receiver and if a marker band is properly located therein, the marker band forms a seal with the band receiver and the vacuum pressure exceeds a threshold vacuum pressure level. The indexer then actuates to a secondary position for further processing and removal of the marker band. If the vacuum pressure does not exceed the threshold, a burst of air jostles the marker bands in the hopper until a marker band is seated properly.

Pet watering system

Publication number: US11039598B2

Application number: US16/209,957

A pet watering system having a base portion configured to store water, a float valve configured to cease water flow in the base portion when water reaches a predetermined level, a water bowl segment that is configured to provide access to water for hydration, a faucet implement, wherein the faucet implement directs water to the water bowl segment, a water pump device that is configured to direct water stored in the base portion to the faucet implement, and a bowl bottom lip disposed on a bottom portion of the water bowl segment, wherein the bowl bottom lip is configured to fasten to the base portion.