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Radical compression apparatus and method of incrementally compressing an article using same

Publication number: 9,956,604

Application number: 15/654,976

A radial compression mechanism incorporates an introduction funnel that truncates down to a cylindrical cavity for radial compressing articles. The introduction funnel facilities the loading of an article into the cylindrical cavity and enables incremental radial compression of articles, such as stents. The radial compression mechanism employs a plurality of compression dies that are configured radially about the cylindrical cavity and move in unison to cause the cylindrical cavity to open or close. The compression dies are coupled with a base and drive mechanism for moving them in unison. A method of loading a delivery catheter with a radially compressed article, such as a stent, includes positioning a delivery catheter over a compressed portion of an article that extends from an exit end of the cylindrical catheter. One or more drive mechanism may be used to automatically and incrementally load a compressed article into a delivery catheter.

Handheld concealed pill morsel former

Publication number: 9,949,499

Application number: 15/171,853

A handheld concealed pill morsel former enables a user to easily conceal a pill within a morsel of malleable food product without excessive handling of the malleable food product. A first arm and a second arm are configured to rotated toward a top and bottom opening of a mold body cavity, respectively. A press extends from the first arm and is configured to extend into the mold cavity to compress the malleable food product. A plunger is coupled with the first arm and is configured to slide with respect to the first arm and press. The plunger has a plunger face that is configured to be extended down into the malleable food product to from a pill recess. A pill can then be placed into the pill recess and the press can be rotated back down into mold cavity to form a concealed pill morsel.

Energy beam propulsion system

Publication number: 9,938,026

Application number: 15/651,398

A spacecraft is propelled by a high energy beam propulsion device that emits a high energy beam, such as a neutron beam, from the spacecraft. The high energy beam propulsion device has a neutron beam source and a neutron beam generator that emits the neutron beam through a magnetic coil. The magnetic coil may be a discrete coil or extend over a length of the neutron beam length. The magnetic coil may be self-contained and utilize natural magnets or may be a powered magnet, wherein the magnetic field is produced by a flow of electrical current. The neutron source may be powered or self-contained and utilizes neutron emitting materials including Californium-252, Cesium-137, and Polonium-Beryllium.

Convertible tailgate cover and seat

Publication number: 9,701,225

Application number: 15/217,004

A convertible tailgate cover can be converted from simply a tailgate cover to a seat and has a tailgate cover portion that includes an inside cover portion configured to extend over an inside surface of a tailgate and an outside cover portion configured to extend over an outside surface of said tailgate. The tailgate cover portion forms a U-shape having a channel that enables the tailgate cover portion to be slid down over a tailgate. A convertible tailgate cover has a seat-back portion that is rotatably attached to the inside cover portion and can be rotated up and secured by seat-back straps to form a seat-back, when the tailgate is down. The seat-back may have several pads configured in an accordion that fold out to form a sleeping pad. The tailgate cover portion and seat-back portions may be padded to provide a comfortable seat and to prevent tailgate damage

High energy beam diffraction material treatment system

Publication number: 9,711,252

Application number: 15/167,737

A coherent beam treatment system produces a first and second energy beam that are coherent at a treatment location. An energy beam includes a neutron beam, a proton beam, an electron beam, acoustic waves, a laser and x-ray. An energy beam may be defined by a wave, such as a sinusoidal wave having a frequency and amplitude. A control system may produce a first and second beam that have coherence at a treatment location. Coherence is a location where two beams have matching wave profiles. A beam may be defined by a simple sinusoidal equation wherein the frequency and amplitude are constant as a function of time. A beam may be defined by a complex wave equation, wherein the frequency or amplitude change as a function of time. A control system may modulate one or more of the beam equations to change a location of coherence.

Supplement for producing calm alertness

Publication number: 9,724,377

Application number: 14/745,717

A supplement that produces an increased feeling of alertness and reduces anxiety, or produce a feeling of calmness is described. In an exemplary embodiment, the supplement is all natural, and contains no or essentially no synthesized chemical. The supplement or the therapeutic ingredients, such as the ingredients within a capsule, may only contain plant matter. The plant matter may include plant roots and leaves, for example. The supplement and more specifically the active ingredient of the supplement may include, piper methysticum (kava kava root), brahmi (bacopa), ashwagandha (winter cherry). These three ingredients may be the primary active or therapeutic ingredients and may be provided in an effective amount to produce a feeling of alert calmness.

Low friction rehabilitation board with an integral band retaining feature

Publication number: 9,737,748

Application number: 14/929,436

A low friction rehabilitation board having an integral band retaining feature is described. The rehabilitation board may have a coefficient of static friction of no more than about 0.5 and in some embodiments no more than about 0.06. A non-slip material may be attached to the bottom surface of the rehabilitation board. A band retaining feature is described as being integral to the rehabilitation board such that it is attached to the board, or may be fastened to the board. Additionally, in some embodiments, the board comprises range markings for the determination of the degree or amount of exertion or extension. Furthermore, the range markings may be calibrated to specific resistance band types. In other embodiments, the rehabilitation board may be configured with interlocking features to provide a modular option for combining boards when more extension is required.

Golf tee dispenser

Publication number: 9,737,774

Application number: 14/859,259

A golf tee dispenser is configured to provide a single tee for retrieval when the golf tee dispenser is agitated. A golf tee dispenser has a deflector to deflect a plurality of tees away from a tee-opening to increase the effectiveness of the tees being extended through the tee opening upon agitation. A golf tee dispenser also has a resilient retainer that is configured to retain a tee by a tee-head until the tee is pulled from the tee dispenser. A resilient retainer is configured to deform or deflect to allow the tee head to pass through the resilient retainer and then return substantially to a pre deformed state. A golf tee dispenser is configured to hold a plurality of tees in a container and a cap is configured to attach to a container opening.

In-line twist on electrical wire connector

Publication number: 9,768,523

Application number: 15/397,784

An in-line wire connector has a connector body with two insert ends on opposing ends for receiving a first and a second wire into apertures. A truncated tapered coil is configured within the connector body to secure the first and second wires to the in-line wire connector. The in-line twist on wire connector connects wires in line and may be low profile to allow the wires and the wire connector to slide through apertures and tight spaces as it often required in construction and remodeling projects. An in-line wire connector may have two truncated tapered coils that taper toward the opposing ends. A first and second wire conductor extend past each other toward opposing insert ends to produce an overlap portion to create electrical contact between wires. When the connector body is rotated, the wires rotate about each other and are retained by the tapered coil.

Safety walker

Publication number: 9,770,381

Application number: 15/442,703

A safety walker provides a strap that actuates to allow a person to enter into the safety walker and then raise the strap between their legs. The strap prevents ground level falls. The safety strap is actuated by a strap actuator that may pivot about a pivot attached to the movable support frame. The strap actuator may be locked into a secure position with the strap in an elevated position by a latch. The strap actuator may be coupled to a handle actuator by one or more linkages, or the strap actuator and handle actuator may be a one-piece rigid member that rotates about a single pivot on the moveable frame. A coupling member may extend between a left and right strap actuator proximal to the back end of the strap actuators and the safety strap may be attached to the coupling member.