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Publication number: 9,371,079

Application number: 13/740,117

A train brake tool for engaging and disengaging a train brake, such as a brake wheel or lever, is described. The train brake tool is configured for manual or hand operation and has both a puller portion and pusher portion configured at the end of an elongated member. The puller portion is configured with a hook for insertion into an opening in a brake wheel to allow the user to pull and rotate the wheel. The pusher portion has a hook configured oppositely to the puller, to allow the user to push the wheel. A length extension is described and is configured to be detachably attachable to the train brake tool.


Publication number: 9,371,067

Application number: 14/663,896

An integrated battery control system incorporates a battery management system and a power control system to reliably and safely provide power to vehicles and other mobile devices. The integrated power control system incorporates safety features to protect the batteries from dropping below a threshold voltage or being overcharged, and from operating the vehicle when it is coupled with an AC power supply. An integrated power control system may be contained in a control enclosure having a computing device, battery power input, an AC power input, a power output switch, a power output, a key-switch interface and a shunt to measure current flow. The power control system regulates electrical power delivery to a drive motor and a pre-charge resistor as a function of the battery state of charge. When a battery unit is below a threshold value, power delivery is disabled to the drive motor and a pre-charge resistor.


Publication number: 9,370,908

Application number: 13/896,102

A continuous heat-shrink tubing process is described having an expansion element disposed with the tubing and a position maintenance feature to keep the expansion element in a desired location. The expansion element may be maintained in a position by pressurized fluid trapped within the tubing between the expansion element and pinch rollers. The pinch roller may be moved to reduce the volume within the section of tubing between the pinch roller nip and the expansion element, and thereby increase the pressure of the trapped fluid. In another embodiment, the expansion element may be held in place by an extruder connector. In yet another embodiment, the expansion element incorporates a magnetic component, or has at least one magnet, or magnetic metals and one or more magnets are configured to maintain an expansion element position through attractive or repulsive magnetic forces.


Publication number: 9,370,215

Application number: 14/328,699

A helmet cover that has an outer skin, an impact absorbing material and at least one vent comprising an aperture tough the helmet cover is described. A helmet cover vent may be aligned with a vent in a helmet, thereby providing for improved ventilation and cooling, and may be attached to a helmet. A helmet cover vent may be configured as a tapered or flared vent, and may be an air capture vent. The impact absorbing material may be configured over substantially the entire helmet cover surface, or may cover only a portion of the surface. In one embodiment, the impact absorbing material is configured as a discrete pad that is located where impact is most common, such as on the front, sides, or back of the helmet cover. A discrete pad may be interchangeable, allowing for customizing the type and location of impact absorption on the helmet cover.


Publication number: 9,360,020

Application number: 14/259,959

A self-cooling fan in configured with a vent feature that draws air into a fan housing and over a heat sink to dissipate heat generated by the motor and/or control unit. The self-cooling fan has a conduit with an attached end opening that couples with a cooling zone within the fan housing and extends along a portion of the fan blade(s). A vent feature is an opening in a conduit, at or near the extended end of the conduit, that allows air to exit the conduit. A vent feature may be a venturi feature. A venturi feature creates a vacuum within a conduit via outer diameter blade velocities interacting with venturi geometries when the blades are rotating, further promoting the drawing of air into the fan housing. A cooling channel allows air from outside of the fan assembly to enter into a cooling zone where a heat sink is configured.


Publication number: 9,357,284

Application number: 14/070,580

A wire coil retainer having a band with at least one fastening feature configured to detachably attach one side of the band to the other side of the band that allows for quick and easy retention of a wire coil, such as a headphone wire. When the fastening feature is attached, two opposing loops are formed on either side of the fastener. A wire coil can be retained by placing the wire coil inside the interior of the band and detachably attaching the fastening feature through the center coil opening. A first portion of the wire coil is retained in a first loop and a second portion of the wire coil is retained in a second loop of the fastened wire coil retainer. A wire coil retainer may be configured with one or more retainer protrusions that aid in the retention of a wire coil within a loop.


Publication number: 9,341,451

Application number: 14/730,233

A bird-wing broadhead blade is a blade that has a free end that is positioned in a back or downstream position from a fixed end. The free end of the bird-wing blade extends out, like a bird opens its wings to fly. A bird-wing broadhead blade may incorporate a shape memory alloy material that has a set shape, such as by thermal setting. A shape memory alloy bird-wing broadhead blade may be deformed into a strained shape and retained until hitting an object. When the shape memory blade is released, it will move into the set shape automatically. A shape memory alloy is a metal alloy that “remembers” its set shape and has superelastic properties. A spring deployment system may also be used to deploy one or more bird-wing blades. A spring may be configured upstream or downstream of the fixed end of the blades.


Publication number: 9,340,144

Application number: 14/710,371

A cargo retainer system incorporates a load-bearing strap assembly having a load bearing strap that extends over a cargo element, and a strap-retainer clamped to the load bearing strap and having an elastic portion that is stretched to a stretched length and attached to a portion of the load-bearing strap. The strap-retainer has an elastic portion that extends from the clamp to a hook that is configured to attach to a portion of the load-bearing strap to secure the strap retainer under tension. The strap-retainer provides an elastic retaining force on the load-bearing strap wherein the force exerted on the load bearing strap increase when the cargo shift away from strap-retainer and the force decreases when the cargo shifts toward the strap-retainer. A cargo retainer system may incorporate a strap-retainer on either side of the cargo element to provide complimentary and corrective elastic retaining forces on the load-bearing strap.


Publication number: 9,335,136

Application number: 14/285,583

An arrow device having a frangible reservoir for dispensing lubricants and/or tracking material, and an arrow comprising a lubricant or tracking material is described. A frangible reservoir may have an enclosure comprising frangible material that can be ripped, punctured, torn, burst or otherwise compromised to release the contents therein. A frangible reservoir may be configured as part of an arrow shaft, arrowhead, or a dispensing device and may include a cavity therein. A frangible seal may be configured over a portion of the reservoir, such as a release port. A frangible reservoir may be configured to rupture when the arrow that it is attached to is shot from a bow, or enters an object. A rupture element may be configured with a frangible reservoir or dispensing device to rupture or open the frangible reservoir.


Publication number: 9,327,161

Application number: 13/918,933

A portable spotting device that can be moved by a single person from one piece of exercise equipment to another is described. The portable spotting device has a central tower having a vertical support, a powered lifting device and an actuator portion. A powered lifting device, such as an electric motor, may be coupled to the vertical support and drive a cable spool, whereby a cable is attached to the actuator portion. The electric motor, configured as a wench may move the actuator portion up and down along the vertical support. A horizontal extension attached to the actuator has a pair of adjustable arms the extend forward to retain and lift a weight, such as a weight bar. An actuator pedal allows a weight lifter to control the height of the adjustable arms while lying on a bench.