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Safety Walker

Publication number: 9,468,579

Application number: 15/150,297

A safety walker provides a strap that actuates to allow a person to enter into the safety walker and then raise the strap between their legs. The strap prevents ground level falls. The safety strap is actuated by a strap actuator that may pivot about a pivot attached to the movable support frame. The strap actuator may be locked into a secure position with the strap in an elevated position by a latch. The strap actuator may be coupled to a handle actuator by one or more linkages, or the strap actuator and handle actuator may be a one-piece rigid member that rotates about a single pivot on the moveable frame. A coupling member may extend between a left and right strap actuator proximal to the back end of the strap actuators and the safety strap may be attached to the coupling member.

Electrochemical Heat Transfer System

Publication number: 9,464,822

Application number: 13/029,006

A heat transfer system includes a working fluid and an electrochemical compressor. The working fluid is made up of a polar solvent that primarily acts as a condensable refrigerant and hydrogen that primarily acts as an electrochemically-active component. The electrochemical compressor includes an inlet fluidly coupled to an evaporator to receive the working fluid; an outlet fluidly coupled to a condenser; and one or more electrochemical cells electrically connected to each other through a power supply. Each electrochemical cell includes a gas pervious anode, a gas pervious cathode, and an electrolytic membrane disposed between and in intimate electrical contact with the cathode and the anode to pass the working fluid.


Publication number: 9,459,069

Application number: 14/158,923

A lubricating arrow rest is configured to lubricate an arrow shaft when the arrow is inserted into the arrow rest and then shot. A lubricating arrow rest has a plurality of whiskers configured within a whisker retainer and a lubricant receiving feature configured to accept a lubricant into the lubricating arrow rest. A lubricant reservoir may be attached to a lubricant receiver feature and may have a lubricant dispensing feature to force lubricant from the lubricant reservoir onto the whiskers through a supply orifice. A whisker retainer may comprise a retainer conduit that disperses the lubricant through a plurality of outlet orifices configured around the inner perimeter of the whisker retainer. A lubricating arrow rest may have a bow fixture for attachment to a bow. A lubricant reservoir may be coupled to the bow fixture and a bow fixture conduit may couple the lubricant reservoir with a supply orifice.


Publication number: 9,457,324

Application number: 13/943,619

A compound membrane for use in electrochemical devices is disclosed. The compound membrane has of proton-conducting polymer cast in a porous media having dispersed therein at least one active ingredients. It supplies considerably improved performance data in comparison to known membranes. The compound membrane electrode can be produced by treating proton-conducting polymers with acetone to obtain polymer pulp, then sulfonating the polymer pulp, combining one or more active ingredients with the polymer pulp and casting the polymer pulp to obtain the membrane.


Publication number: 9,453,494

Application number: 14/960,286

An omnidirectional building integrated wind energy power enhancer system is configured to produce electrical power from a wind turbine(s) concealed within and/or on top of a building by means of a flow of pressurized air from the prevailing wind that enters and flows through a portion of a building. A building may provide large exterior surface areas for receiving and directing airflow to the turbine(s). At least a portion of the wind energy power enhancer system is configured within a building, such as between floors, on a single floor, and/or a roof structure. The wind turbine(s) may be configured to receive airflow directly from an inflow chamber that is configured with a building, or from a flow tube coupled with the inflow chamber. Air deflectors may be fixed or dynamic to direct air flow into a flow tube regardless of the direction of the incoming airflow relative to the building.


Publication number: 9,451,245

Application number: 14/590,978

A digitizing projector system is configured in a single housing and comprises a digitizer and a projector. The position of the scanner and projector relative to each other are known by a software function. A scanner projector system has a digitizer configured to scan any shaped object or scene to produce a digitized scaled 3D digital image or digitized file. The software will identify surfaces including planar and non-planar surfaces, geometric surfaces and shapes, irregular surfaces, edges and noisy surfaces. A projected image may comprise one or more image files that are projected onto one or more identified surfaces of the object. A user may edit an image file in shape, color, orientation, and may input motion effects or dynamic functions of the image. The digitizing projector system may be self-calibrated for are offset in position from a first location to a second location.


Publication number: 9,443,515

Application number: 13/604,607

A personality designer system for making a remote object produce phrases consistent with a designed personality is described. The personality designer program allows a person to select a particular character, particular personality traits, specific phrases, create their own phrases, provide input levels for specific personality traits or any suitable combination of input or selection options described. As an example, a plurality of personalities may be described and a person may select a desired personality for their remote audio object. The plurality of personalities may include characters from history, celebrities, politicians, or fictional characters from books, television or movies, for example. The remote audio object is a detachably attachable object and comprises a speaker for emitting the selection of phrases or personality, and may be configured on, or placed near or in any suitable object including a pet collar, toy, car, plant and the like. In one embodiment, the remote audio object is a dog collar.

Competitive Game with Spinning Game Wheel and Playing Pieces

Publication number: 9,440,141

Application number: 14/335,208

A competitive table game includes a rapidly spinning game wheel, an annular collection area, a base, and a plurality of rollable playing pieces. The game wheel is rotatably connected onto the base while the annular collection area is concentrically positioned around the game wheel. During each game, the players roll the plurality of rollable playing pieces on a smooth top surface of the game wheel as the plurality of rollable playing pieces is tangentially positioned on the smooth top surface and released attempting to match the linear velocity at the respective position on the game wheel. Then the plurality of rollable playing pieces moves across the smooth top surface and drops into the annular collection area, where the winner of each game is determined according to the game rules of each different game and the positioning of the plurality of rollable playing pieces. Other embodiments are described and shown.


Publication number: 9,427,882

Application number: 13/952,453

A pocket safety saw that can be carried by a detention officer or psychiatric personnel without fear that it could do harm to another patient, inmate or guard is described. The pocket safety saw may be used to quickly cut down a suicidal patient or detainee from a hanging suicide attempt. An exemplary pocket saw comprises a handle, a saw portion, saw support, and safety saw element. A safety saw element is a saw element that will not cut human skin when pressed and reciprocated against the skin. The safety saw element may be used to cut fibrous material such as rope, cord, fabric and the like. A pocket safety saw may have one or more frangible features that cause the safety saw element to fracture when removed from the saw support. A frangible feature may be a removed portion of a safety saw element.


Publication number: 9,418,517

Application number: 14/954,930

A rolling ball-race betting apparatus has at least two decline planes with deflectors to allow balls to race down along the decline planes into a collector. A person may place any number of different types of wagers on a race result, such as selecting one ball to win. Each ball in the ball-race apparatus has a designation such as a number, symbol, color or other marking. A ball-race apparatus may have stops, wherein one or more of the balls may be trapped in the stop and will not finish the race. A person may place a wager on one or more balls to not finish the race. A ball-race apparatus may have a shortcut conduit that transfers balls from the first decline plane to the second decline plane. A ball race game apparatus may include a spinning deflector that is configured to hit and propel the balls in any number of directions.