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Split-End Tool

Publication number: 9,648,937

Application number: 14/582,841

A manual split-end tool is configured to capture hair over a wedge and within a slot to expose split-ends for removal. The split-end tool has a wedge arm having a wedge that is configured to extend through the slot in a slotted arm. The split-end tool pivots open and closed and in one embodiment has an opening feature to force the slotted arm away from the wedge arm when the tool is in a closed configuration. Hair is captured over the wedge and captured between a first and second slot side. The tool can be slid down along a person’s hair, thereby enabling quick removal of split-ends along the length of a person’s hair. The wedge may have a smooth rounded extended end, a scalloped edge or a plurality of teeth.

Resilient prominence fabric and articles made therefrom

Publication number: 9,668,530

Application number: 14/764,269

A fabric having resilient prominences on at least one surface is described for improved thermal protection, drag reduction and quick drying. Resilient prominences are bulges that extend outward from a fabric surface and trap some volume of air or other material therein. For example, a resilient prominence may be dome shaped and extend outward from the fabric plane. A resilient prominence is resilient in shape, whereby the resilient prominence may be compressed and then popped back into substantially the original shape. Reflective and/or absorptive materials may be configured on the surface of the fabric to provide camouflage from IR cameras. Reflective material may be configured on the fabric to reflect heat back to the wearer of a garment made with the fabric described.


Publication number: 9,637,916

Application number: 15/210,929

A work-station utilizes sound absorbing, translucent enclosure panels that allows light from outside of the work-station to enter. The translucent enclosure panels have an outside panel, and intermediate panel and an inside panel of a translucent plastic sheet material that form cells for dampening sound transmission through the enclosure panels. The inside panel has a plurality of apertures to allow sound to enter and be dissipated within the internal cells. A sound masking device is configured within the work-station and projects a dampening sound into the work-station, such as along the opening to work-station to produce a masking sound curtain for sound entering the work-station.


Publication number: 9,629,533

Application number: 14/947,735

A dental mirror instrument has a light waveguide and an airflow conduit that extend along the length of an elongated member to a mirror portion. An airflow exiting from the airflow conduit may be directed over the mirror surface to remove fluids and debris. Light from a light source is transmitted along the light waveguide and is reflected off of a back-side of a land portion through a Fresnel lens to produce a task light. A mirror may have a hydrophobic surface and this surface may have raised portions or a patterned surface that further enhances the removal of fluids or debris. The optical component of the dental instrument may be detachable to a source component and may be disposable. A flexible connector may be coupled with the source component to provide an airflow to the airflow conduit and/or electrical power to the light source.


Publication number: 9,618,003

Application number: 14/654,823

A high efficiency transverse flux motor fan utilizes a transverse flux motor that can provide torque to drive fan blades at a reduced weight over conventional induction and brushless DC motors. A fan incorporating a transverse flux motor may be a residential ceiling fan or high volume low speed fan. Transverse flux motors are ideal for these applications as they have a higher efficiency at low revolutions per minute. A transverse flux motor may have a stator utilizing a ring shaped lamina that has extending members that form a coil channel. A lamina may be a unitary piece of material that is formed from a sheet of metal, thereby providing a very lightweight stator assembly. An exemplary fan may provide an airflow efficiency of more than about 236 L/s*W, (500 CFM/watt), an essential airflow density of more than about 2.36 L/s*g, (5 CFM/gram) and a power density of about 150 W/kg or more.


Publication number: 9,616,272

Application number: 14/679,027

An adjustable weight exercise ball and particularly a soft exercise ball has one or more handles that are formed from a strap extending around the perimeter of the exercise ball. The exercise ball may have no rigid or hard materials, such as no more than 50 shore A hardness. The generally spherical exercise ball may have a substantially smooth outer surface with no significant protrusions from the surface. In addition, an adjustable weight exercise ball has a single aperture for the insertion of weights through an access slot to a pouch configured within the interior volume of the ball. The weights inserted into the exercise ball may be conformable weights that mold to the interior pouch area within the exercise ball. The interior material of the exercise ball may comprise an elastomeric material that compresses and seals the access slot closed after weights are inserted therein.


Publication number: 9,609,970

Application number: 14/909,721

A collapsible drying rod has an elongated support potion that is collapsible into at least three portions that can be disengaged, or pulled apart, and aligned with each other to provide a compact collapsed drying rod that is held together by an elastic tether. A collapsible drying rod may have a center support member and extensions that extend out from opposing ends of the center support member. An elastic tether may be configured within a conduit that extends along the length of the center support member and/or extensions. A collapsible drying rod may include a hanger portion that is attached to the center support member by a hanger retainer having a flexible extension that can be used to retain the collapsible drying rod to a support.


Publication number: 9,599,364

Application number: 14/859,267

An electrochemical compressor type heat pump system is described. An electrochemical compressor compresses a mixed gas refrigerant whereby heat from the compression can be used to heat an object. The electrochemical compressor is capable of producing high pressure gas from a mixed fluid system including an electrochemically-active component, such as hydrogen, and at least one refrigerant fluid, for example water. Any suitable proton associable compound, such as any suitable ionic or polar solvent compound, may be used in the mixed gas refrigerant. The electrochemical compressor may be configured in a hot water heater along with a secondary type heating source to produce a hybrid hot water heater.


Publication number: 9,595,847

Application number: 14/225,251

An uninterrupted power supply system incorporates a plurality of lithium batteries as a back-up power supply to an AC power supply. In the event that there is an interruption in the AC power supply, a power output switch is automatically activated by a power control system to draw power from a lithium battery pack. In an embodiment, a battery pack is monitored by a battery management system that is coupled to battery monitoring modules couple to each battery. The battery management system may be configured to monitor the voltage and/or temperature of each battery. In another embodiment, an uninterrupted power supply system comprises a battery unit balancing system that maintains each battery within a battery unit below a threshold voltage value. A charging circuit and discharging circuit are used to maintain the batteries in a ready state of charge when not being used for the output power.


Publication number: 9,583,977

Application number: 14/260,322

A back-up lamp light system has a portable light that is configured to be detachably attached to a lamp and is configured to automatically turn on in the event of a power outage. The portable light is configured to be retained by a mounting bracket to a lamp. The portable light may be detached from the mounting bracket and used as a flashlight. A portable light has a main light and a night light configured on opposing ends of the portable light. A back-up lamp light system may have a light level sensor that is configured to automatically turn on the nightlight in the event of a light level being detected below a threshold value. A back-up lamp light system may be portable and have a separate power cord or may be integral and have a power cord that extends through the interior of a lamp.