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Publication number: 9,236,773

Application number: 13/969,447

An electrical machine includes a rotor with a rotational axis, a coil arranged circumferentially with respect to and fully encircling the rotational axis, and a stator assembly. The stator assembly includes first and second lamination stacks comprising associated pluralities of laminae, the stacks being arranged circumferentially with respect to the rotational axis on opposing sides of the coil for conducting magnetic flux. The stacks are configured with gaps generally radially through the laminae thereof, defining separate circumferential segments in each laminae, to prevent creating a continuous electrical circuit around the rotational axis in the segments. Each laminae has a connecting ring spaced radially from the segments, and beams connecting the segments to the ring as a unitary piece. Back return elements extend axially between the stacks to provide a flux path therebetween, and are positioned circumferentially between adjacent parts of the beams and radially between the segments and the ring.


Publication number: 9,236,514

Application number: 14/059,394

A solar module riser assembly that is configured to allow a solar module attached thereto to fall-to-flat when not being forced into an angular position is provided. A riser assembly includes a riser support and a tube support attached to the riser support. A torque tube may extend across a plurality of riser assemblies and be retained by tube supports attached to each of the riser assemblies. A torque tube support is configured to rotate about the riser support and thereby position a solar module coupled thereto at an optimum angular orientation for solar exposure and track the sun. A first riser and second riser may be configured on opposing sides of a central drive device and lever arms attached to link bars drive tube supports when the link bar is moved. The first and second riser may be configured to create equal and opposite force on the link bar.


Publication number: 9,228,326

Application number: 14/065,421

A portable drinker system is configured with a convertible frame that enable a water collector to be assembled in a desired location. The portable drinker system may be configured to be carried by a single person and have suitable packed dimensions and weight for this purpose. The water collector has a canopy that is supported by the convertible frame and a drain opening to collect water. The water collector is configured to direct water collected therein to a drinker. A conduit may be coupled to a water collector and extend to drinker. A drinker comprises a water retainer that is configured for animals to drink therefrom. A convertible frame may have articulating scissor portions or integrally segmented poles or some combination thereof. The canopy may have sleeves for the insertion of poles that can be bowed to form a structure.


Publication number: 9,226,718

Application number: 13/960,577

An image receptor support device having a more comfortable patient engagement side is described. The patient engagement side has a concave central portion, a rounded left portion and rounded right portion. A patient may more comfortably position their body against the interceptor support device and more effectively position a body part over and image receptor. An image receptor support device may be configured for mammograms, for example. An image receptor support device may comprise a comfort material such as a foam or elastomer that is compressible and not cold to the touch. A concave central portion may be centrally located between the left and right side or offset. In addition, the bottom surface of the patient engagement side may be recessed from the top surface. A patient engagement side may be configured to be a detachable interface with an existing image receptor support device.


Publication number: 9,193,993

Application number: 13/789,657

The invention is directed to a method for isothermally amplifying a DNA sequence involving hybridizing a destabilizing DNA template to complementary nucleotide fragments to form a first nicked duplex; ligating the first nicked duplex to form a product duplex comprising the DNA sequence and the template, wherein the product duplex is capable of dissociating to release the DNA sequence and the template; and repeating these steps to generate multiple copies of the template and the DNA sequence. Further, the method may also involve hybridizing the DNA sequence to complementary destabilizing fragments or probes to form a second nicked duplex; ligating the second nicked duplex to form the product duplex comprising the DNA sequence and the template, wherein the product duplex dissociates to release the DNA sequence and the template; and repeating these steps to generate multiple copies of the template and the DNA sequence.


Publication number: 9,179,659

Application number: 13/742,496

A fish bite indicator that provides an indication of the fishing line being pulled from the reel during night-time or low light conditions is described. The fish bite indicator has a light source attachment feature that is configured on the spinning portion of the reel, such as the reel top. When a fish bites the lines and pulls the fishing line from the reel, the reel spins and the spinning light is clearly visible to a nearby angler. The fish bite indicator is detachably attachable to a reel in some embodiments. In other embodiments, the fish bite indicator has a body forming an enclosure around the light source with one or more openings in the body. The light projected from the openings creates a repetitive flash when the reel spins. A glow-stick type or LED light may be used with the fish bite indicator described.


Publication number: 9,178,341

Application number: 13/667,101

The present invention concerns fishing adapters for pilling a cable or the like through a hole drilled in a wall or other structure and in one aspect comprises a drill bit connector to enable the adapter to be demountably attached to a drill bit and an item connector to enable a cable or other elongate/linear item to be attached to the adapter, wherein the adapter further has a rotary coupling between the drill bit connector and the item connector to permit the drill bit to rotate as the adapter with cable or other elongate/linear item attached is pulled through a drilled hole without significantly twisting said cable or other elongate/linear item.


Publication number: 9,164,126

Application number: 13/950,145

A wrist meter-mount system having a meter mount configured to attach to a meter, and a wrist mount configured to attach a meter mount to a person’s wrist is described. The meter mount and wrist mount are configured to be detachably attachable to each other by at least one magnet. The meter mount has a first set of engagement teeth that interface with a second set of engagement teeth on the wrist mount. The engagement teeth allow the meter to be rotationally positioned as desired on the wrist mount. The wrist meter-mount system allows a user to attach a meter to their wrist and use one or both hands to connect a probe or probes to a measurement location. In one embodiment, a wrist mount comprises a cantilevered base allowing an attached meter to be inclined up to a desired reading location.


Publication number: 9,163,871

Application number: 14/336,947

A cooler having at least one bar configured along one side of the cooler lid and/or cooler body is described. A lid and/or body bar is supported by a lid or body support respectively, and has an extended length between the supports wherein a strap or latch may be configured around the bar. For example, a cooler lid may have a lid on the front side of the cooler lid and a cooler body may have a body bar that extends along the front wall of the cooler body. A latch or strap may be configured to pull the lid bar to the body bar, thereby providing for secure sealing of the cooler lid to the cooler body. A strap may be configured around a body bar to positively secure the cooler to an object, such as a vehicle while still allowing for access to the interior of the cooler.


Publication number: 9,151,283

Application number: 13/567,124

An electrochemical motive device is described having an electrochemical cell and at least one device configured produce motion as a function of electrochemical gas produced by the electrochemical cell. One example of an electrochemical motive device is a pump having one pump chamber, and pump member that forces a pumping fluid through the chamber. An electrochemical cell provides for a transfer of gas from the anode to the cathode. A control portion is described for taking input from the electrochemical pump and controlling the voltage and current to the electrochemical cell. In one embodiment, multiple pumping chambers are configured, and in one embodiment two pumping chambers are connected. It is further described that the control portion may automatically adjust parameters as a function of inputs, including user interface inputs.