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Publication number: 9,599,364

Application number: 14/859,267

An electrochemical compressor type heat pump system is described. An electrochemical compressor compresses a mixed gas refrigerant whereby heat from the compression can be used to heat an object. The electrochemical compressor is capable of producing high pressure gas from a mixed fluid system including an electrochemically-active component, such as hydrogen, and at least one refrigerant fluid, for example water. Any suitable proton associable compound, such as any suitable ionic or polar solvent compound, may be used in the mixed gas refrigerant. The electrochemical compressor may be configured in a hot water heater along with a secondary type heating source to produce a hybrid hot water heater.


Publication number: 9,595,847

Application number: 14/225,251

An uninterrupted power supply system incorporates a plurality of lithium batteries as a back-up power supply to an AC power supply. In the event that there is an interruption in the AC power supply, a power output switch is automatically activated by a power control system to draw power from a lithium battery pack. In an embodiment, a battery pack is monitored by a battery management system that is coupled to battery monitoring modules couple to each battery. The battery management system may be configured to monitor the voltage and/or temperature of each battery. In another embodiment, an uninterrupted power supply system comprises a battery unit balancing system that maintains each battery within a battery unit below a threshold voltage value. A charging circuit and discharging circuit are used to maintain the batteries in a ready state of charge when not being used for the output power.


Publication number: 9,583,977

Application number: 14/260,322

A back-up lamp light system has a portable light that is configured to be detachably attached to a lamp and is configured to automatically turn on in the event of a power outage. The portable light is configured to be retained by a mounting bracket to a lamp. The portable light may be detached from the mounting bracket and used as a flashlight. A portable light has a main light and a night light configured on opposing ends of the portable light. A back-up lamp light system may have a light level sensor that is configured to automatically turn on the nightlight in the event of a light level being detected below a threshold value. A back-up lamp light system may be portable and have a separate power cord or may be integral and have a power cord that extends through the interior of a lamp.

Pill Dispenser With Compliance Features

Publication number: 9,579,264

Application number: 14/485,371

A pill dispenser is configured to receive a plurality of different pill types into discrete pill reservoirs, whereby a dose of different pills may be provided to a user in a dispense reservoir. A vacuum manifold may be configured with a vacuum tube for removing pills from the discrete reservoirs and placing them into the dispense reservoir. In one embodiment, a pill dispenser is part of a pill dispenser system that utilizes a remote electronic device having an application software program for setting, managing and displaying the dosing regimens for pills loaded into the pill dispenser. The application software program may be coupled with a prescribing pill database, whereby prescription pill information, including dosing regimens may be loaded onto the application software program to ensure compliance with the prescription.


Publication number: 9,579,233

Application number: 13/928,444

A therapeutic purse configured with a therapeutic device including a cushion, or a thermal pouch is provided. The therapeutic purse is an enclosure having an interior volume and at least one opening to the interior volume and a closure feature. In one embodiment, the interior volume of the purse comprises a therapeutic pocket configured for containing a therapeutic device. In yet another embodiment, the therapeutic purse comprises a hot or cold pouch that may comprise a substance that may be transferred into a conduit coupled to the strap.


Publication number: 9,553,460

Application number: 14/657,248

A wireless battery management system includes a computing device and first and second battery unit monitoring modules. The computing device includes an output data request port and an input data port. In response to a data request from the output data request port of the computing device, a first battery unit monitoring module transmits data of the first battery unit to the input data port of the computing device wirelessly and may transmits a data request to the second battery unit monitoring module. In response, the second battery unit monitoring module may transmit data of the second battery unit to the input data port of the computing device wirelessly or transmit data of the second battery to the first module for wireless transmission. In addition, each battery unit monitoring module may communicate wirelessly and independently with the computing device.


Publication number: 9,552,747

Application number: 15/067,846

A head impact test apparatus is configured to enable viewing a head model including a brain component that may be at least partially surrounded by a fluid component and within a skull component. A head model may be a cross-sectional model of a person’s head and have a translucent cover extending over the cross-sectional plane to enable viewing and image capture of the components of the head model. A camera may be configured to take a plurality of images during an impact test. These images may be analyzed to determine the acceleration and deformation of the brain component. An impact element is configured to impact the head model and the head model may have any type of helmet thereon. A helmet component may comprise a helmet cover. The test may be used to determine the effectiveness of helmets and helmet covers in reducing brain trauma.


Publication number: 9,546,429

Application number: 14/250,509

An electrode having a plurality of connected strands retained by a current collector is described. A connected strand has first and second ends that are retained by a current collector, and may be retained at different locations along the length of the current collector. A connected strand retained by the current collector in substantially the same location along the current collector, is a looped strand. A connected strand provides two paths for current to move through the strand to the current collector and may therefore provide lower resistance than a free strand having only one end coupled to the current collector. Furthermore, a connected may move less as a function of fluid forces and retain more bio-film in turbulent conditions than free strands. Finally, a connected strand has no free extended end and therefore is less likely to puncture through an ion conductive membrane.


Publication number: 9,530,300

Application number: 14/035,941

A hand-held radiation detector that produces a voltage as a function of the amount of ionizing radiation is described. The hand-held radiation detector may be configured for measuring low levels of ionizing radiation including alpha radiation. A light alert feature may blink and/or a sound alert feature may produce a bird chirping sound at a frequency relative to the amount of radiation detected. The ionizing radiation detector may have an ion chamber comprising a first electrode chamber and a second electrode configured inside the first electrode chamber, and it may be an open type ion chamber allowing ambient air to enter the ion chamber. A sensitivity range selector may be used to increase or decrease the voltage range for detection. An input selector may be used to select the type of detection a user desires, such as consumables or radon gas for example.


Publication number: 9,509,181

Application number: 14/101,415

An electrical machine includes a rotor for rotation about a rotational axis, a coil arranged circumferentially with respect to and encircling the rotational axis, and a stator assembly. The stator assembly includes a unitary lamina comprising a plurality of extending members integral therewith, the extending members being bent to form a plurality of opposing extending members about the coil. The electrical machine is at least one of a transverse flux machine or a commutated flux machine. Methods of manufacturing stators for assembly with rotors to form electrical machines are also disclosed.