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Multi-mode frequency sweeping interferometer and method of using same

Publication number: 9,857,160

Application number: 14/494,878

A multi-mode frequency sweeping interferometer has a single measurement light producing device configured to produce a coherent light source consisting of a single light beam. The single measurement light producing device transitions the single light beam between a fixed light beam and a scanning wavelength light beam. A primary beam splitter produces a first reference beam and a first measurement beam from said single light beam. The first reference beam is configured to travel a fixed path length to a primary reference reflector and the first measurement beam is configured to travel to and from a moveable reflective target over an unknown path length. A first interferometer is created by interfering the first reference beam with the first measurement beam and one or more optoelectronic devices may be configured to determine a measured distance to the movable reflective target.

Rodent deterrent apparatus

Publication number: 9,675,059

Application number: 15/230,986

A rodent deterrent apparatus has one or more deterrent features including a deterring light feature, a deterring sound feature and/or a deterring scent feature. A selection feature allows a user to select one or more of the deterring features to be activated. A motion detector may activate the deterring feature or features when motion is detected near the rodent deterrent apparatus. An accelerometer detects when the rodent deterrent apparatus is in motion and a controller may switch the apparatus to a power saver mode, wherein the deterrent features are not activated during motion, in order to save power.

Furnace cooling panel monitoring system

Publication number: 9,696,092

Application number: 15/025,286

A furnace cooling panel monitoring system utilizes individual cooling panel data to produce critical monitoring data. An exemplary cooling panel monitoring system utilizes the input from a plurality of temperature sensors configured to accurately measure the temperature change of cooling fluid flowing through each individual panel. The change in temperature from the inlet to the outlet of a cooling panel along with the flow rate of the cooling fluid through the panel can be used to calculate the a heat energy dissipation rate of the cooling panel, or heat flux. The flow rate through individual panels is determined by K-values or resistance to flow constants for a given cooling panel. The heat energy dissipation rate for individual panels can be provided to a user through a computer implemented monitoring program in real time. Alerts may be initiated by the computer implemented monitoring program when a threshold value has been exceeded.

Electrochemical compression system

Publication number: 9,738,981

Application number: 13/725,515

An electrochemical system includes an electrochemical compressor through which a working fluid that includes a component that primarily acts as an electrochemically-active component flows; a sealed vessel in which the electrochemical compressor is housed; an inlet conduit for passing working fluid into the vessel; and an outlet conduit for passing fluid out of the vessel. The working fluid that leaks from the electrochemical compressor is contained within the vessel.

Safety Walker

Publication number: 9,757,304

Application number: 15/492,847

A safety walker has a support extension that extends from the front of the moveable support frame toward the back end opening and is centrally located. A user may enter the safety walker and straddle the support extension and the actuate the support extension up to a secure position, whereby in the event of a fall the support extension will support the user. The support extension may be coupled with art actuator system having a motor to raise or pivot the support extension. A safety strap may be attached to the extended end of the support extension and extend above the support extension towards the front of the movable support frame. The safety strap may provide a flexible support that is more comfortable for support in the event of a fall. A gate may be coupled with an actuator system and automatically close as the support extension is lifted.


Publication number: 9,795,178

Application number: 15/181,084

A helmet cover that has an outer skin, an impact absorbing material and at least one vent comprising an aperture through the helmet cover is described. A helmet cover vent may be aligned with a vent in a helmet, thereby providing for improved ventilation and cooling, and may be attached to a helmet. A helmet cover vent may be configured as a tapered or flared vent, and may be an, air capture vent. The impact absorbing material may be configured over substantially the entire helmet cover surface, or may cover only a portion of the surface. In one embodiment, the impact absorbing material is configured as a discrete pad that is located where impact is most common, such as on the front, sides, or back of the helmet cover. A discrete pad may be interchangeable, allowing for customizing the type and location of impact absorption on the helmet cover.

Method of treatment utilizing an acellular amnion derived therapeutic composition

Publication number: 9,814,746

Application number: 14/853,889

Acellular amnion derived therapeutic compositions are described having a number of various compositional embodiments. An acellular amnion derived therapeutic composition has essentially no live or active amniotic cells. The amniotic cells may be destroyed, and the cells and cell debris may be removed from the acellular amnion derived therapeutic composition. An acellular amnion derived therapeutic composition may comprise micronized placental tissue particles, and/or amniotic fluid. An acellular amnion derived therapeutic composition may be a dispersion of micronized amniotic membrane combined with a fluid, such as plasma, saline, amniotic fluid, combinations thereof and the like. An acellular amnion derived therapeutic composition may be combined with a matrix component to form a composite. An acellular amnion derived therapeutic composition may be used in conjunction with a composition comprising viable cells, such as stem cells

Vapor Delivery Device

Publication number: 9,820,510

Application number: 14/588,932

A vapor delivery device for the delivery of a dose of vaporizable material includes a detachable dose cartridge having an oven. The oven is configured to contain a vaporizable material and at least oven vent configured to allow the flow of the vapor to a delivery port. The oven may be detachably attached to the dose cartridge. A detachable dose cartridge or oven may be sealed and have a dose of vaporizable material that is inaccessible inside. The vapor delivery device may accommodate organic, resin, prepackaged or liquid vaporizable materials. The oven vent or vents are configured to be either blocked or covered to substantially eliminate vapor escaping from the oven chamber. An oven chamber or oven closure, may be configured to rotate to trap vapor within the oven. In another embodiment, an oven is configured with a plunger that traps vapor within the oven

Low friction rehabilitation board with an integral band retaining feature and methods of rehabilitation

Publication number: 9,821,184

Application number: 15/672,252

A low friction rehabilitation board having an integral band retaining feature is described. The rehabilitation board may have a coefficient of static friction of no more than about 0.5 and in some embodiments no more than about 0.06. The rehabilitation board has a plurality of band retaining feature configured along one or both ends and may be an integral band retaining features being formed in the board. Additionally, the rehabilitation may include one or more band retaining features on one or both sides of the board. The unique configuration of the band retaining features enables rehabilitation method heretofore not possible with a single board. Resistance bands may be retained in the band retaining features and coupled to a user’s limb, such as a foot or ankle, to resist motion, such as sliding or extending the foot along the low friction surface of the rehabilitation board.

Hand operable juicer

Publication number: 9,877,503

Application number: 14/754,702

A hand operable juicer having a handle extending from beneath a juice receptacle is described, The handle has a drive link end that couples with a drive mechanism to rotate a drive shaft that extends up through a drive shaft conduit and couples with a pulping crown. Gear and crank type drive mechanisms are described. In some embodiments of the invention, the drive mechanism is configured to provide a rotational advantage, whereby a certain degree of rotation of the handle around the pulping crown rotational axis produces a higher degree of rotatio