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Invention to Patent Services is growing its client base in Colorado, Utah, Las Vegas, Nevada, Philadelphia, PA and Baltimore, MD – contact ITP Services to file your patent.

ITP Services prepares quality patent applications at an affordable price and works with clients throughout the U.S.

On March 16, 2013 the United States Patent and Trademark Office,(USPTO), moved to the first-inventor-to-file system. Preparing and filing applications quickly is more important under this new system.

In addition, the USPTO has implemented the micro-entity status. Small businesses and individual inventor’s that qualify pay one half the small entity fees to file their patents. The fee to file a provisional application is only $65 and the fee to file a non-provisional is as low as $400 under the micro-entity status.

Patent agents are registered with the USPTO to file and prosecute patent applications and are typically a much more affordable option than a patent attorney or law firm. It is recommended that you check references before selecting an intellectual property professional to prepare and file your patent application.

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References from many clients available upon request.