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Process for Obtaining a Utility Patent

Step 1: Define and outline your invention

ITP Services will work with you to broadly define your invention through alternatives exploration and brainstorming.

Step 2: Determine if you invention is new

ITP Services will conduct a thorough prior art search for relevant patents and patent applications in the US and abroad. Analysis of the prior art will be used for determining the initial claim draft.

Step 3: Draft a patent application

ITP Services will draft a patent application for your invention, including the formal figures. The patent application draft will be submitted to you for review. Your input and suggestions will be incorporated into an edited draft.

Step 4: File the patent application

A provisional, non provisional or design patent will be filed for your invention. ITP Services will complete all the formal filing papers and forms required.

Step 5: Prosecution

ITP Services will prosecute your patent application through the patent office.

Step 6: Patent Issues

Upon successful prosecution of your patent application through the patent office, your patent will ready to issue. ITP Services will complete all the formal paperwork required.

See: http://www.uspto.gov/patents/process for more information